Patrick Mahomes Under Pressure From NFL Free Agents

Patrick Mahomes Under Pressure From NFL Free Agents

Patrick Mahomes, the Super Bowl LVII MVP and global superstar, has apparently drawn a lot of direct attention from free agents all across the NFL who all want to play alongside the one-of-a-kind Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.



Mahomes being given legitimate weapons heading into the 2023 season, which might supplement the already solid Kelce, is a terrifying concept that, unfortunately for some NFL fans, may become a harsh reality.



“It doesn’t mean they’re (the Chiefs) done looking. It doesn’t mean also that other wide receivers, I’m told, are not blowing up Patrick Mahomes’ phone. To my understanding, guys have been calling him this entire offseason, saying, ‘Hey can I come to Kansas City? Can I come and play with you guys?’ That is a real thing that is happening”, according to Jesse Palmer.



It’s no secret that Mahomes played a big part in Smith-Schuster’s decision to come to Kansas City. Smith-Schuster said that Mahomes was among the people to recruit him to join the team once free agency opened.



Patrick Mahomes’ influence is definitely going to skyrocket, especially after winning another Super Bowl for the Chiefs, and free agents know that if they can convince him that they are good enough to be in the team, they might have a chance of signing with the Chiefs.



When you consider that Kadarius Toney was one of the Chiefs’ more recognizable wide receivers last season, it almost seems unfair that this same Super Bowl-winning club would be in the mix for Odell Beckham Jr. and a handful of other great wide receivers.



At the same time, it is hard to argue against such a landing place. One-handed receptions or not, any NFL player who earns a career on the receiving end of an effortless pass would be insane not to look for a method to make the position of WR1 in Kansas City the best of all possible options.