Patrick Mahomes Slams ESPN For Graphic Injury Replay

Patrick Mahomes Slams ESPN For Graphic Injury Replay

The Red Raiders suffered an early injury to linebacker Bryce Ramirez when the Texas Tech defense tried to halt running back Jordan Houston’s run.



During the process, Ramirez was tackled on the left leg by an unintentional teammate, forcing the leg to bend backwards awkwardly. After being transported off the field, the linebacker was wished well by both his teammates and NC State.





Texas Tech alumnus and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes sent his prayers to Ramriez. He also stated that he believes networks should cease displaying terrible injuries on replay.







The replay was only aired once. It was too gruesome to merit a repeat. Ramirez has only played in one game this season, which occurred the week before against the Houston Cougars. Ramirez has three total tackles in that game.


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