Howie Roseman Reveals Why Eagles Drafted Jason Kelce

Howie Roseman Reveals Why Eagles Drafted Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce has played his whole 12-year NFL career for the Philadelphia Eagles. Howie Roseman, the Eagles’ general manager, has recently disclosed one of the key reasons Kelce ended up in Philadelphia.



Roseman said on Kelce’s New Heights podcast that the Eagles originally had Kelce as a fourth-round choice on their big board. When the Eagles eventually selected Kelce in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, Roseman stated that the team was “absolutely pleased” to land him at that position.



Much of the Eagles’ enthusiasm stemmed from Kelce’s uniqueness. “Nobody at that time looked like you”, Roseman said to Kelce about his scouting report. Roseman’s whole comments on Kelce will be shared when the full podcast is posted by New Heights.



Roseman, on the other hand, complimented Kelce for his grit and communication from linebacker to offensive lineman in the brief film.



Additionally, Roseman stated that Howard Mudd, the Eagles’ offensive line coach at the time, had a significant impact in Kelce’s selection. Jason Kelce was a steal for Philadelphia, whether he was selected in the sixth or fourth round, as projected.



Since 2015, the center has started 176 games for the Eagles, missing only one. He’s a six-time Pro Bowler, a five-time All-Pro selection, and a Super Bowl champion.



Kelce will be recognized as an Eagles great regardless of when he retires. Howie Roseman is overjoyed that Philly selected him. It’s rare to find a reliable starter in the sixth round of the NFL Draft. The Eagles have discovered a franchise cornerstone in Kelce.