How to be a successful Tailor in Nigeria


  1. improve your skills
  2. have a fancy shop
  3. have a good location
  4. have an online presence
  5.  improve on your social circle



Tailoring is one of the most sort after skills in Nigeria today, however not many who are opportune to have such skills have been able to enjoy the full potential of their skill. Today I will be listing out ways to make out the full potential of your skill without taking much of your time.


Ways to make more money as a tailor in Nigeria


1 Improve your skills: yes the most important part of being a very successful tailor today is to be good at what you do. Be current and update yourself with trending styles of the day. Keep learning everyday in order to be up to date with customer’s demands. Of course it will be a big mess to deliver a poorly made clothe to a customer just because you didn’t really understand the design or style. One angry customer is enough to ruin your reputation.

2 Have a fancy shop: we all know in Nigeria today, people regard you by your appearance and so in order to get the most from your customers (both new and old) you need to have a very presentable shop. You really don’t need to empty your account to do this, but at least make it simple and classy. Beautiful paints, wall papers and well arranged space is good enough. If you can afford an air condition system that will be cool but if not, a good standing fan, plus a mini couch for customers will do.

3 Good location: every business thrives well where it could be seen by many people and so therefore your location matters so much when setting up a shop. Yes I know how expensive good locations could be but trust me, pay for a good location, apply the two points above and you will be happy you did.

4 online presence and branding; a lot have changed over the past few years and any business without an online presence is losing out a lot. You don’t need to be a techie to at least open a facebook page, get your customers to like or follow the page, aggressively promote your work and before you know it, you will get orders from locations you never expected. Having an online presence is one of the fastest ways to make out a brand for yourself. If you can afford setting up a simple blog for it that will equally be wonderful but if you can’t, you can stick with facebook and instagram. Trust me there isn’t any difference between the popular designers you see online and street tailors apart from packaging and branding which you can equally do from the comfort of your shop.

5 customer satisfaction; a satisfied customer will always come back and so making sure your customer is satisfied even to your own discomfort is an advantage you should endeavor to explore. Try very well to be friends with them as well and with that your circle and business reach expands. The more happy customers you have, the more you smile to the bank

Finally if you can try out all the mentioned points above, you can gradually increase your charge as things progress and before you know it, you will be a very successful tailor.

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