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How i took loan for her

I took loan for her


My first week after returning home from NYSC, I got a job as a chemistry teacher in a secondary school down the street. The pay was nothing to write home about, in fact it was just N15000 that I was entitled every month and instead of remaining idle, I had no choice than to manage it while I looked for better opportunities.


In no time I began having feelings for the English teacher, a young slim beautiful girl who came to do her TP (teaching practice) in the school. From the very first day I resumed work in the school that she caught my eyes, heart and feelings. In fact she was my motivation for going to work every day and her smile, oh it made my heart pound whenever our eyes met and she smiled. I was so much in love with her and hopefully waited for the right moment to open up to her. Of course you know as a fellow school teacher my chances of winning her love weren’t that much but I was hopeful, I was prayerful. I couldn’t afrikstories  help but sleep every night dreaming about her. Yes I badly needed a relationship that moment and as a broke school teacher I knew getting her won’t be easy but surprisingly one fateful day an opportunity I never expected presented itself.


I walked into the staff room this fateful afternoon to see her all alone and in tears, I rushed to her side worried and curious. In fact it was really my first time being this close to her.


‘’what’s the problem?’’ I asked while she looked up, surprised to see me. She never noticed me walk in



‘’it’s nothing’’ she stammered, forcing out a smile



‘’something is clearly wrong’’ I insisted, trying hard to form the nice guy. She shook her head while I insisted over and over.



‘’ok the thing isn’t something I can discuss here with you, maybe after school I will come to your house’’ she offered, throwing me off balance with her words. I didn’t believe her though. I felt she just wanted me to go away.


‘’are you sure?, do you know my house?’’ I curiously asked. She nodded and looked away.







Two hours later, I was at home preparing my lesson note when my younger brother ran in to tell me that I had a visitor. I rushed out to see her already quietly seated in our sitting room. My heart froze for some seconds, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There she was within reach, my love, my soul mate, I reasoned with a smile.



‘’I never knew you would come, let’s go to my room’’ I politely offered. She smiled and followed me.





‘’so Val, I don’t like sharing my problem with anyone but since you insisted, I had to keep my promise and come’’ she muttered, stopping to read my eyes. I nodded, urging her to continue.


‘’This morning I misplayed my atm card and before I could get my bank to block it, my account was wiped out. And the money inside the account wasn’t mine. My roommate left it there yesterday and now she feels I’m trying to play smart on her’’ she narrated and broke down in tears once again. I couldn’t help but get close and hold her. My hand shivered.


Honestly I have had my share of girlfriends during my days in the university but for the past one year had not been in any. Perhaps that’s why I was so fragile and soft or perhaps I was truly in love with her. I truly wanted to help her but my financial situation was worst than hers. I already spent all my NYSC allowance helping out with my siblings schools fees and feeding as the first child of aged parents.  I really had nothing on me



‘’so how much are we talking about?’’ I asked



‘’one hundred thousand naira but I already have gotten thirty thousand, only if I can get twenty thousand, I can make it fifty thousand and give her. I really don’t want her problem’’ she explained softly, hopefully looking up to me for help and I knew I needed to play my role as a man if I was to win her heart. But I had nothing on me at the moment and all I could come up with was to use my phone, download a loan app and borrow money instantly.


I have heard stories about Palmcredit during my NYSC time, so I quickly went outside, installed the app, entered my bvn, some details and was surprised I was eligible to twenty thousand naira loan which I requested and before I got back to my room, my account was credited. I heaved a sigh of relief, not even thinking on how to repay the loan. All I wanted was to put a smile on her face.



‘’I will transfer the twenty thousand naira to you’’ I softly offered while she stared up at me with eyes filled with gratitude. I was so much overcome with love that I felt I had won her heart.

Few minutes later I transferred the money to her account and she left.



She never visited me again after that day but always greeted me very well whenever we ran into each other at work, yet I was hopeful and never tried to force her until one morning, one fateful morning  when a Mercedes Benz GLK pulled up at the school.



I was actually heading out of ss1 class towards the staff room when the car pulled up  beside me and she jumped out looking so beautiful and happy.



‘’val come and meet my fiancée’’ she greeted and announced, breaking my heart with those few words. Of course I knew I could never compete with a guy driving a Benz and all my hopes shattered. I lost her, lost myself and lost my money.


Yes the money I gave her was offered to her willingly, I never lent her the money and paying back the loan was one of the most difficult things I ever did in my life because I paid it with tears and a broken spirit.



the end

written by valentine Nkemjika

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